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Delirious Piece of Cake

A marvelously diverting and eccentric piece of architectural cake, covered in whipped cream decorum and built by architect Alfred Wagon in 1905 on Place Etienne Pernet in the XVe arrondissement. So marvelous it actually looks edible.
This is the only notable piece of Wagon's architecture that made him famous, even though he built a lot in Paris. But the amazing lines and exuberance of pastrylike decor cannot find any other counterpart inside Paris or the rest of France. This style is more likely to be found in Spain or Italy than up in the northern areas.
But on this sunny early spring afternoon, this facade makes you feel like you are in the streets of Barcelona rather than in one of the most bourgeois areas of Paris.







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5 Responses to “Delirious Piece of Cake”

  1. # Blogger Fiona

    That *is* lovely. And your commentary was prescient; when I saw the picture I immediately thought you'd gone to Barcelona for a holiday.

    Looks like the weather there is as deliciously spring-like as it is here. Fingers crossed for No More Cold!  

  2. # Blogger Annie

    How beautiful! And your photography captures it perfectly. Thanks for dessert!  

  3. # Blogger ratatouille's archives

    Bonjour! Cedric,
    The building architectural is very beautiful and yes, it does look quite edible and Thank-you, for sharing the info(rmation) about architect Alfred Wagon.

    Dcd ;-D  

  4. # Blogger Lala


  5. # Blogger cell phone jammer 007

    you did open a window for us,thanks ,guy  

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