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Spring Time - Strike Time

Well, actually this year, the strikes have started early. The strike at my university has been going on for 6 weeks during this semester. And there is no end in sight. But with the good sunny weather coming up in the next weeks, lots of Frenchmen will do once again what they know how to do best: take a day off work to march the streets and show their anger.
What will they be angry about this year you may ask? (It's almost like forecasting the coming trends in the fashion industry before Paris Fashion Week). Well the anger is mainly directed at president Sarkozy and the bad economy. So why not put the economy for a whole day to halt and march the streets? Because that's really what we need right now.

Anyway, I support the people who were manifesting their anger in my street last morning, because most of them are without a roof above their heads or have no jobs because of their legal papers. So a couple of years ago they took over an empty bank building right next to the old Stock Exchange next door to my street and put up a squat. Amazingly, they still live in that building, which is now known as the "Ministère de la Crise du Logement".
The manifestants in front of the 'Social Club' and my next-door supermarket. Apparently they were denied access to my street (where the police headquarters of the arrondissement is) because the policecars need to circulate and my street dates back to the 17th century, so it is quite narrow to keep a group under control.



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4 Responses to “Spring Time - Strike Time”

  1. # Blogger Ténèbres à la lumière...

    Bonjour! Cedric,
    I too! the Frenchmem/women who(m) are on strike, but I really do hope that the "strike(s)" end soon!
    Ministère de la Crise du Logement...Ooo La La...the
    Ministry of Housing seems like this "crisis" is occurring everywhere!

    Merci! Beaucoup!
    Dcd ;-D  

  2. # Blogger Lala

    I don't know that many Parisians are poor. Or maybe they're foreigners? A very good idea to live in an empty bank. ;(
    I hope there is no pickpocket.


  3. # Blogger cell phone jammer 007

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  4. # Blogger cell phone jammer 007

    go on and on ,and then it become a part of life,not strange,life...  

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