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Spring is in the Air...Or is it Dust?

When the light spring winds blow through the Tuileries gardens, it always looks like you hit the Arabian desert in the middle of a sandstorm.
The fine gravel dust covering most public park grounds in Paris gets lifted up and hits you in the face without you even noticing. Only later when you enter your favorite tearoom you'll notice that your clothes are a tad lighter in their overal color scheme and your shoes look like you played in a sand pit.


But everyone still loves to come down to the gardens and take a seat. Take a seat and stare at tourist groups or pick up a latte and read the morning news in the IHT. Oh, and don't let those pigeons disturb you, it's only mating season.














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8 Responses to “Spring is in the Air...Or is it Dust?”

  1. # Blogger lady jicky

    Oh yes, I remember that white dust.
    We were going to the Ritz one afternoon for a drink and I had good black shoes on - thank goodness I had a tissue to wipe it off! LOL  

  2. # Blogger Ténèbres à la lumière...

    Bonjour! Cedric,
    All I can is...Wow!
    about the ("fine gravel dust"...When the light spring winds blow through the Tuileries gardens,in Paris.)

    But, there is one thing for sure..
    your photographs of "Paris"
    are very beautiful.(I can
    almost "smell" Spring in the Air...hmmm)

    Deedee, :-D  

  3. # Blogger Manhattans in Boston

    Great shots. How much do you love that you can just move those seats anywhere you want!  

  4. # Blogger Piztachio

    wonderful photos, thanks for posting  

  5. # Anonymous Lola/Laura

    I love this post.  

  6. # Blogger Dominica

    OOh, brings me back to your fabulous city (miss it already...)  

  7. # Blogger Mom in High Heels

    LOL! I've been covered in the Tuilleries dust several times. I now know better than to wear black in the Spring.
    Great photos. We've sat in those green chairs and watched children sail their little boats in the fountain. Ah, Paris.  

  8. # Blogger Elizabeth

    Where would you get a latte to go in Paris? Please don't tell me you went to Starbucks :(  

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